Construction Defects for HOAs/COAs

Trusted Legal Partners For HOAs And COAs Navigating Construction Defects
Construction defects can cause countless headaches for community associations. Identifying and pursuing these claims is a key responsibility for condominium owners associations (COAs), homeowners associations (HOAs), and their managers and directors.

At Tannenbaum Scro, we serve as valuable legal allies for community associations facing construction defects. Our lawyers have many decades of experience in this niche field of Florida law.

The Unique Strengths You'll Find At Our Firm
Our legal team includes a board-certified construction law attorney. One of our lawyers also has a background in construction management and civil engineering. You can benefit not only from our wealth of experience but also from our in-depth industry knowledge — including connections with trusted and reliable construction experts.

As one of Florida's premier construction law firms, we have a strong reputation — and strong record of results — in handling construction defect claims on behalf of HOAs and COAs.

When Do Defects Come To Light?
Construction defects aren't always evident right away. Nor are they always obvious to the untrained eye. As part of the turnover process, COAs and HOAs have a duty to conduct a thorough inspection. The inspector should have the right credentials and experience to identify any defects.

By getting us involved at the outset of the turnover process, our lawyers can connect you with the right experts, ensuring that proper steps are taken to identify defects at this critical stage. We can then help you navigate the process for pursuing a defect claim.

Sometimes defects don't surface until months or years after the project's completion. Perhaps mechanical systems have started to fail long before their expected lifespan, for example, indicating a potential defect. As soon as you suspect a potential defect has come to light, contact us to determine the appropriate next steps.

Preventing Defects In The First Place
We're committed to helping associations succeed. To that end, we offer guidance on how to minimize the risk of potential defects in the first place. If you're pursuing a large-scale repair or renovation project, let us help you vet potential contractors, negotiate favorable terms and review contracts to protect owners' rights to the fullest extent.

Our attorneys also offer free CEU courses for association managers on construction-related topics.

Learn More About What We Can Do For You

We invite you to contact us online or by phone at 941-316-0111 or toll-free at 888-883-9441. With offices in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Fort Myers, we represent community associations across southwest and central Florida. 


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