Four real estate investing mistakes that could cost you

Whether you found out on your own or were advised, you have information about a possibly fruitful real estate investment. You're very eager and want to get in right away so the opportunity doesn't slip through your fingers, but slow down a bit.

There are specific considerations that, if not carefully examined, could cost you in the short- and long-term.

The first is failing to do the proper research. Even if you inherently trust the initial information, investors get burnt all the time by glitz and glamour. Just because the investment is currently performing well, is it expected to do so in the future?

Also, it would be wise to adhere to the tried-and-true investing method of "buying low and selling high." Be skeptical about overpriced real estate.

The three other mistakes are as follows.

Tunnel vision
You've already made the smart money move by investing in property, don't get sucked in by one kind of real estate. Real-estate investment trusts (REIT) and crowdfunding investment opportunities could allow you to broaden your focus.

Trusting every tip you hear
Remember that friend or acquaintance that thrives on providing "sound" real state investing advice? Well, guess what? That advice isn't always sound and may only be hearsay from someone else, who heard it from another person. The telephone game can be a treacherous path when it comes to your time and money.

If the investment does sound promising, revert to doing your research before pouncing on the opportunity. If you have a pressing question or concern about a recent real estate transaction, contact a legal professional.

Ignoring or being confused by the market
Any task takes time, patience, and dedication to perform it at a high-level. That includes investing. There is a term called a "Bull Market" that refers to a robust real estate market. Don't get caught up in this. Study the market, it's ups and downs, when the market was active in the past, and when it's likely to cool so, you can invest wisely.

These and other real estate mishaps could lead to current and future financial trouble. Do your research. Diversify. Be skeptical. Know the market. 


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