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In our clients words...

Tannenbaum Law managed our roofing project perfectly

After hurricane Irma had damaged the roof of our house, we engaged a roofing contractor in Fort Myers to take care. The only German-speaking lawyer we could find in the surrounding promised to support us. This seemed to be a really good way to communicate, particularly after our return to Germany.

Unfortunately, we had a lot of trouble. After months of waiting for some progress, we followed the good advice of a friend to ask Tannenbaum Law Firm in Sarasota for their help. From the first moment we experienced what it means to be in good hands, and, if necessary, in close touch with EXPERTS in building law. Mr. Alan Tannenbaum as well as Mr. Jon Lemole clarified the details of our project very fast and started to support us in each way. They were always open-minded to answer our questions, friendly and respectfully and with a lot of patience for our needs. We appreciated their quick response because we had so many discussions before with the roofing contractor and the companies they had hired for our home. During the roofing, we had to call the lawyers very often to avoid wrong decisions. The teamwork with Mr. Tannenbaum, Mr. Lemole and their employees was the best we could imagine.

Tannenbaum Law managed our roofing project perfectly. So we could relax more and more and were sure that the disaster with the roofing contractor could be finished successfully. Exactly that happened. During our next stay in Florida, we can enjoy the new roof and the cleaned property, and we are very grateful for the recommendation to take Tannenbaum Law Firm.

In the meantime Tannenbaum Scro. made a good decision to hire a German-speaking lady. We had the pleasure to communicate with her. Mrs. Maher`s German explanation was excellent and a big help for people like us who aren`t perfect in English.

We are pleased to recommend Tannenbaum Scro. It`s a very responsible company. Everybody can trust their technical competence. We are convinced that other clients will be glad to be supported by their lawyers.

Thank you so much. We are very relieved that everything is done.

All the best,
Neidhardt family

The most capable and responsive law firm I have ever retained

Alan Tannenbaum and the Tannenbaum-Scro Law Firm is the most capable and responsive law firm I have ever retained. Throughout the litigation process, Alan and his associates kept us fully apprised of the developments in our group case and were always prompt about responding to whatever questions we had… whether it was days, nights or weekends. Due to their diligence, compassion, and persistence, the end result was much better for us than we ever anticipated at the outset.

I feel safe in the [Tannenbaum] team that surrounds me.

I’m going to do a GRATEFUL Countdown to Thanksgiving. Starting with Tannenbaum Scro Law Firm. My attorney is Jon E. Lemole. Someone told me that the mistake people make is thinking your attorney is your friend. Maybe, he’s not, but he has a compassion and understanding of who I am and what I want to accomplish. He’ll go along with my quirks, so I don’t get stressed out. As for Alan Tannenbaum, his firm didn’t need my small case. He sat in on a meeting (no charge) and is completely hands-on. I feel safe in the team that surrounds me. I’m grateful that the BEST of the BEST, the CREME DE LA CREME of law firms took my case. I’m so appreciative.

Julie Ferguson