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Florida SB 154 - The Condominium Safety Legislation "Glitch Bill"
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: My name is Alan Tannenbaum of the law firm of Tannenbaum, Lemole & Hill. And I have my partners, Jon Lemole and Cindy Hill, and our associates, Destinee Small and Jennifer Myers, are on with us today. Today's program is going to be run by Jon and Cindy, who have been more closely attending to the particular bills at issue...
Smart Board & Property Manager Legal Guide: Key Elements In A Repair Contract
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: My name is Alan Tannenbaum, and our firm is Tannenbaum, Lemole & Hill, and we are giving a presentation today on key elements in a repair contract. Since the last Smart Board, we've had two lawyer additions to our firm. And you'll see today, Destinee Small and Jennifer Myers, who have joined our firm as associates and the...
Unpacking the Legislative Changes Impacting Florida Community Associations
VIDEO SUMMARY: In the rapidly evolving world of community associations in Florida, new legislative adjustments have necessitated a swift and informed reaction from legal professionals. The legal landscape of community associations has been dramatically transformed, primarily due to two legislative areas: tort reform and construction defect claim re...
The Addition of Charging Stations to Florida Condominium or HOA Properties: Requirements, Concerns & Challenges
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: One of the things we're not going to be covering today is how local municipalities and counties have been responding to permit requests, and so forth for the installation of this type of equipment, and whether there are any local codes or ordinances that might apply. We're not going to go into depth on that because, obviously...
Smart Board & Property Manager Legal Guide: Where Do We Find The Money?
Video Transcript Alan Tannenbaum...: Good morning everybody. This is Alan Tannenbaum, of Tannenbaum, Lemole & Hill. I'm here with my partners, John LA and Cindy Hill. Alan Tannenbaum...: And we ask everybody to put themselves on mute. If you have questions, send them through the chat feature. We will ultimately get to everybody's question. If y...
Hot Topics for 2023 - Condos and HOAS
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: Yes. I'm Alan Tannenbaum with my partners Jon Lemole and Cindy Hill. The title of the session today is Hot Topics for 2023 Condos and HOAs, so we put values with questions; questions about hurricane claims, questions about the impact of the new legislation relative to structural inspections and reserves for condos, and the ne...
New Insurance Laws Passed by The Florida Legislature Impact on Condo Associations and HOAs
Jon Lemole, Esq.: Well, I want to welcome everybody today, and thank you for joining us. My name is Jon Lemole. I'm a partner at Tannenbaum Lemole & Hill. I'm joined today by my partner, Cindy Hill, and we have some distinguished guests, which I will introduce or actually let them introduce themselves in a second. Just by way of background, our...
Smart Board & Property Manager Legal Guide: Repair & Maintenance Obligations
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: I'm Alan Tannenbaum, principal of Tannenbaum Lemole & Hill. I'm here with my partners Jon Lemole and Cindy Hill. So let me tell you a little bit about our law firm. Prior to this year we were primarily construction lawyers and litigators working in the community association field. And Jon Lemole and myself led that practi...
It's Not Too Early To Start Preparing Your Association For The Next Big One
Alan Tanenbaum, Esq.: So I'm Alan Tanenbaum, and I'm here with my partner Jon Lemole. Cindy Hill, who is our third got called away at an emergency meeting. So you're just going to be hearing from Jon and myself today. And the subject of today's episode is Hurricane Ian's Legacy: It's Not Too Early To Start Preparing Your Association For The Next Bi...