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Managing Owner Concerns Given the Insurance Crisis and New Inspection and Reserve Requirements
Jon Lemole, Esq.: Our firm is a full service community association law firm serving southwest and central Florida. We handle all facets of association representation, including serving as general counsel, turnover and construction claims counsel, covenant enforcement and assessment collection. Our topic for discussion today continues to explore the...
Grappling With The Havoc The Florida Legislature Has Wrought On Condo World
Grappling With The Havoc The Florida Legislature Has Wrought On Condo World
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: Okay. Welcome, everybody. This is Alan... No, I am Alan Tannenbaum. I'm here with my partners Jon Lemole and Cindy Hill, and we're going to give you a presentation on some of the really hot issues relative to this new legislation. It's going to be somewhat of a more casual look at the issues. We're not going to cover everythi...
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: All right, I'm going to welcome everybody. This is Alan Tannenbaum and the name of our firm now is Tannenbaum, Lemole and Hill. So I promised last time that there might be little bit of surprise. And this is the first time we're appearing as Tannenbaum, Lemole and Hill. Hill is Cindy Hill, who is with us today prior to last m...
Understanding Florida's New Condo and Safety Insurance Reform Bill
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: Okay. Welcome, everybody. This is Alan Tannenbaum of Tannenbaum, Lemole, & Kleinberg. For those of you who don't know us, we are construction lawyers, primarily serving the community association industry. So, we take condo and homeowner associations through turnover, assist them with engineering and accounting analyses. W...
The Smart Board & Property Manager Legal Guide: The Devil Is Indeed In The Details...
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: All right. My name is Alan Tannenbaum, I'm managing partner of Tannenbaum, Lemole & Kleinberg. We are construction lawyers and work primarily in the association committee association field. We take groups through turnover. HOAs and condos help them garner engineering and accounting studies. And for the groups that want to...
Notice of Turnover...Now What?
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: All right. It's 11:04 and we are going to begin. So I'm Alan Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum, Lemole & Kleinberg, we have offices in Orlando, Clearwater, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. And that basically defines the market that we work in. From the Space Coast across Central Florida, little bit north of Tampa Bay and down to Naples. We...
Smart Board & Property Manager Legal Guide: Building & Site Defect Negotiations - Pitfalls to Avoid
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.:Welcome, everybody. We're going to get started in about two minutes. Just want to say hello to make sure that you know you weren't missing anything. We usually give a few minutes for people to get on. So in about two minutes we're going to get started. (silence). Okay. One more minute, we're going to get started. (silence). On...
Keys to Selecting a Great Expert in Construction Defect Cases
Video Transcript: Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.:So welcome everybody. Send your questions through the chat function, stay on mute during the program and any questions we don't get to, we'll try to get to afterwards. So again, thanks for joining us. The program today is about forensic engineering. The value of it, why it exists, how it is here to support co...
Repair & Maintenance Obligations
The Smart Board & Property Manager Legal Guide: Repair & Maintenance Obligations
Alan Tannenbaum, Esq.: We take homeowners associations and condo associations through turnover, help set up their engineering and accounting studies, post turnover for the groups that are interested in pursuing claims, both for HOAs and condos. We're involved heavily in that. We also do repair consulting as construction lawyers, so on major repair ...